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So, I ve  being using leadwerks pro for few months now...and I mostly love it. :)

Go few Ideas Of thing I like to see in future version
So maybe those feature are already in and I missed them, but I think it would be really usefull :

-if in the Scene Tab we could hide and unhide all the asset contained in a filtre.
Something like the eye in the layers windows in photoshop.

-to have a button to hide/unhide the terrain in the editor.

-a wireframe view that display mesh occlusion.

So the ideas of those 3 request is to try to have less thing on screen when you work.
especially for the wireframe windows that can become really busy with a lot of line when You open a full game...

Now another option that would be really cool is an align tool for the face of the primitives.
select multiple parallel faces and align then with anothr on.

So that it.
thank s 

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To hide assets in editor, select them in the scene tab, and click Hidden to true in assets appearance tab. But agree, filter would be nice.

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