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Decal Geometry Rendering

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Not something I need but I mention it as it is something that is supposed to work well with deferred rendering engines....

This is something I came across while reading the docs for Decal Machine (https://machin3.io/DECALmachine/) a low cost Blender Addon that I think is gaining a lot of attention right now.

From the Decal Machine docs



 The idea is to take the decal geometry into the engine and by utilizing deferred rendering techniques, have the mesh-based decals contribute to the textures of the underlying base mesh.
This is done very successfully and prominently in Star Citizen and Alien Isolation and this is the workflow DECALmachine is aiming at.

Currently I am hoping that I can use Decal Machine to bake out normal maps and but I'm not sure it is supported yet (development is moving quite fast though). I think there is an imminent Unreal exporter but I'm not sure if that uses this geometry rendering for decals or not.

Thought I'd mention it in case it is something that Leadwerks is suited to implementing fast (at some point in the future) if it suits the architecture well.

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