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Handling Function Call Order

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I pretty often encounter the followning problem: I need something to be called before, or after the Start function of an script.

My actual problem is that I have an NPC and his "Load" function (I wrote by myself) is called before the script actually is initiated. The problem is, in the load function some values are set (like npc health) but then the script gets initiated and the script uses the default script value of 100% health and the loading does not work. A workaround I found is to use the first step of the update function but I find this not very smart. Here an example:

function Script:UpdateWorld()
	if self.doOnce ~= true then 
    	--do something here
    	self.doOnce = true

Any ideas how to solve this more elegant? Would be really glad if we could gather some ideas :)


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And you can't call the Load function after the scene is initialized? Where is the Load function coming from?

one option you can do: when the load function is called, check if the entity has been inited or call the init function yourself.

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Hi Jorn, how to check if the entity is initiated?

In my case the player gets spawned and then the player "spawns" another entity which then gets loaded by the players loadfunction. By the way the object the player spawns is an prefab. However I worked around the problem by changing the whole spawning process. However the problem still remains. I often have trouble with prefabs the Start function and script variables. Just wanted to gather some experiences etc.

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Well you could use a bool to see if the init has been run 


the Load function calls the Init/start function.

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