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Shadows disappear when grouping objects under pivot

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I noticed that suddenly I could not see shadows on 3d-models. After some hairpulling, I noticed that shadows disappear if you group stuff under pivot. Again pivot makes problems that seems NOT to be related at all. This is really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love so many aspects in Leadwerks, but these times it feels that I'm fighting against the editor more than trying to solve problems with my game or code... But, is this a known problem? Or am I using pivots wrong?

Here, same scene with everything grouped under pivot and without.




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This sounds familiar.  I can't really remember the exact situation but I think it is something like the pivot settings are going to the children.  Even though you might think the pivot would not have them, like shadows in this case.  I think if you set the pivot parent how you want the shadows to be then it might work.


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