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Terrain Size and Terrain Shadows

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I noticed that just recently (4.4) the engine supports terrains as big as 8192x8192 if you 

Set exterrain=1 in the Leadwerks.cfg


Im just curious if this affects the terrain detail? Does it simply double the scale of the terrain and therefore reduce the detail by half, or does the resolution remain the same?

Also, I read that the engine has not supported terrain shadows since about LE2.5, is this true?

Not having terrain shadows is kind of a deal breaker for me, is there any chance this will return in the future? 

Thank you!

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This is an experimental feature so it is hidden away from the editor. This feature would have the same quality as the other 4 terrain size options.

Terrain shadow sounds very expensive but it would be nice to have, I agree. 


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