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Steam Achievements

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I just wanted to leave a quick suggestion;

It would be nice to see a better implementation of the steam achievements used. Maybe ones that unlock after following certain tasks throughout the tutorials ect.


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9 hours ago, Thirsty Panther said:

Like these.


Yes, also for example from the lights section of the tutorial, you could unlock an achievement called "Thomas Edison" (The inventor of the Edison light bulb) for placing a light.

Or from the terrain tutorial;

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." - Michelangelo (A famous painter / sculpture) for using the sculpting tool for the first time.

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I would not expect this to happen. Josh main attention lies on Leadwerks 5 en small updates for Leadwerks 4. spending time on achievements would be a waste of time for him.

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I did not expect this to jump to the top of the priority list. Hence the name of the forum, it's just a suggestion so therefore am not expecting anything. 

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