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Lua based EventQueue script


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I discovered that there can only be one eventqueue in leadwerks. I wanted local eventqueue instances, so I created a lua based version of EventQueue called EventQueueEx


It is initialized as such:

MyQueue = EventQueueEx:Create()

It is used EXACTLY the same as the Leadwerks version.


		  Name:	EventQueEX
		Author:	Einlander
Date Completed: 
   Description:	A lua Implementation of the EventQueue class
	     Notes:	This script was mainly created a developer can have self contained EventQueue
				and not have to restructure your program to have exactly 1 EventQueue processing routine.
				To be used exactly as the built-in EventQueue.
EventQueueEx = {}

function EventQueueEx:Create() -- Create an instance of EventQueueEx
	local self = {}
	local queue = {}
	function self:Peek() -- Return true if table is not empty
		if #queue > 0 then return true end
		return false
	function self:Wait() -- get top entry and remove from table		
		if #queue < 1 then return nil end		
		local eventItem = Event(queue[1].id, queue[1].source, queue[1].data, iVec2(queue[1].x, queue[1].y) , iVec2(queue[1].width, queue[1].height), queue[1].extra)
		-- we remove and not nil it to keep a contigous array with no holes in it.
		-- This allows for the #table shorcut to work without manually looping through the whole table
		return eventItem
	function self:Flush() -- Clear Queue
		queue = {}
	function self:Emit(id, source, data, x,y,width,height,extra) -- Add Event to Queue
		-- simple input checks and sanitation				
		Debug:Assert(id ~= nil, "id is ["..type(id).."], Number or Event expected." )	
		if id:GetClassName() == "Event"	then 
			-- passed a event object
			table.insert(queue,{id = id.id, source = id.source, data = id.data, x = id.position.x, y = id.position.y, width = id.size.x, height = id.size.y, extra = extra})			
			-- simple input checks and sanitation
			-- will set defaults if value is missing
			Debug:Assert(type(id) == "number", "id is ["..type(id).."], Number Expected." )				
			local source = source
			local data = (type(data) == "number") and data or 0		
			local x = (type(x) == "number") and x or 0
			local y = (type(y) == "number") and y or 0
			local width = (type(width) == "number") and width or 0
			local height = (type(height) == "number") and height or 0
			local extra = extra		
			table.insert(queue,{id = id, source = source, data = data, x = x, y = y, width = width, height = height, extra = extra})
	function self:Release() -- allow class to go out of scope
		queue = nil
		self = nil
	return self


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