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Hey all,

Most of us (especially those that have worked in a team, or are working in a team) will probably know that finding decent and talented members is far from easy, right?

Usually, the talented either already work in a team, or have a job in the game industry (which takes too much of their time to help you), or they want to get payed upfront for helping you, etc, etc...

Sometimes you search for months unsuccesfully, pulling your hair out of frustration, lol...and then you give up the search, because of it, right?

And then, sometimes...you get lucky :).

Like for example...a couple of days ago, someone contacted me...said he's a voice actor...who did voice acting for Marvel and Activision...and he wants to help me with my game project!

My first reaction was...oooooooh my...! Marvel and Activision...wait...aren't those two well known professional (game) studios, lol :o?? I couldn't believe what I read, you know :)?
I wasn't really searching for a voice actor at that time, but when he contacted me, I jumped right on it. I listened to his demo reels...excellent stuff! Oh...and what's even better...he will help royalty based...:)!

We talked to each other and according to what he said, he has done various voices for a couple of Call Of Duty games! Impressive, eh?

Did any of you guys experience similar things yet?


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Perhaps, but most of us indie companies don't have the financial resources to pay monthly wages to their members. I've yet to encounter a member that wants nothing at all. And, I honestly don't mind paying him for his work...it's just that big companies can afford that kinda money upfront, but we as small indie companies can not, or not always at least. 

Also, each member will get payed (royalty based) according to the amount of work they've done. 

11 minutes ago, jen said:

You pretty much sold a portion of your business

Not really, I just gave him the chance (just like all members in my team) to earn something after the game is published and sells (the more the better for all of us). I also think it keeps people more motivated to work as hard as they can, because after all...the better their work, the more chance the project has of becoming a succes. At least, that's my opinion ;).


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