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Texturing in Leadwerks

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I'm a novice user of Leadwerks and am having trouble suitably texturing a simple room I made using the software. I quite simply want to texture the walls in my level with several different textures applied to the same wall in a specific orientation. 

Which I only managed in two ways:

- Sectioning a wall into smaller objects, applying materials to them and piecing them together.

- Exporting my entire map as a .obj file to blender in order to texture generate a UV map to import back into Leadwerks.

As you can probably tell it's not very efficient and will quickly clutter up my project.

Is there a better way I can texture my simple level?

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Haha yes I skipped that at the beginning, thought I dont need it but it is a real game engine, not gameguru or **** like this. You need a lot of time to get into but it is so much fun playing around her if you know what you can do. You can create your own world, its so awesome.

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