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9mm Pistol Model

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I just got done making a 9mm pistol for my game.  I haven't actually brought it into the game engine yet, so this is how it appears in my 3D animation software.  This was a lot of fun to make and I'll be making many more weapons for my game!  The animation is a placeholder as I'll need the character finalized first before I animate the weapons.



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Here's a shotgun I'm working on.. (not finished yet)

The pistol was direct modeling as a fairly low-poly model.  This one is modeled with subdivisions and I will later retopologize it and bake out the normals.

(See updated MP4 below)

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Okay I think I am done modeling the shotgun.  This is the high resolution model, not suitable for the game engine.  Time to retopologize it and bake out the textures / normals.

EDIT: See updated MP4 below


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Okay I've got the low-poly (2892 trigons) model made and I projected over the colour, specular and normal maps.  Way cool.  The process was quite involved and I learned a lot making it.  Check out the MPEG4 animation below the wireframe image!

EDIT: I used XNormal instead of ZBrush.. It gave better results and the MPEG4 below is now the XNormal version.






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