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Decal as part of a model for the vegetation layer

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Burgelkat had the idea and mdgunn convinced me to suggest this here :wub:

It would be a nice feature to have decals as part of models for the vegetation layer. Similar to how the engine handels collision meshes decals could be created by simply naming a box decal.


I built a Tree with a box as a limb, named that box decal assuming it might work sort of similar to a collision mesh namewise.

Imported the model into the engine and assigned the materials.



Simply naming a box decal doesnt make it a decal. To bad...

Wouldnt it be a great feature?


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2 hours ago, Josh said:

Ah, so this would place dead leaves around the tree automatically.

How about instead of this specific feature request, implement the ability to use prefabs for vegetation which would cover this as well as other similar requests?

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