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I started playing around with the engine. In the C++ tutorials, it says there should be an exampel actor class in the source folder of my project. However I only have main, and app? Are the tutorials outdated or am I doing something wrong? Could anyone please guide me trough setting up a C++ project? Also, is it possible to compile for X64?

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The Actor class is included as any other Leadwerks class. 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Leadwerks\Include\Classes\Actor.h


There is already a C++ setup for you when you create a project. Just open \Projects\Windows\"projectname".sln in Visual Studio and there you go

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I think you are coming across the bug I mentioned here:

where the tutorial is not fully in line with the code.  The actor class is there and should work out OK but it's unfortunate that the tutorial and code don't fully align.  For a tutorial this is an unfortunate (perhaps even unacceptable?) oversight.


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