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(UPDATED: 07/04/2020)

After 3+ year learning and using Leadwerks, I introduce my very first game (or an early part of it) which has many features. This is a tactical FPS game about my country's police force, named CSCĐ.

Download installer here

Important: Run GameUpdater.exe after installing to update to latest version!

Sorry for some parts of game are not in English :)

Game features

Video demo


  • Introduce some weapons of each types
    • Assault rifle: M4A1, AK47
    • SMG: mp5sd (with intergrated silencer)
    • Sniper rifle: SVD
    • Pistol: fiveseven
  • Bullet projectile's affected by gravity
  • Weapon aiming through iron sight (without optical attachments)
  • Optical attachments (PSO1, ACOG, Eotech). Some of them have adjustable zoom level (WIP)
  • Tactical attachment (flashlight/laser/silencer)
  • Multiple fire modes (semiauto, full automatic, burst)
  • Picking up/Dropping weapon
  • Switchable Primary/Secondary weapon
  • Movement, being damaged, and breathing affect aiming status
  • Weapon length affects aiming (blocked when moving close to obstacles)
  • Detachable magazine: Each magazine is usable object which can be dropped/pickedup

Character Control

  • Movement (walking, running), Crouching, Leaning
  • Ragdoll physic when being killed
  • Various animations for many action
  • Player can take control of each member of a team and issue command to others
  • Unique magazine management system (player must choose magazine to reload current weapon)

AI System

  • Dynamic reaction depends on situation
  • Reaction to sound source (weapon shot, footsteps, bullet interaction to wall, fallen body of ally)
  • Using weapon with high level of aiming skill
  • Reloading weapon at safe moment
  • Switching to other weapon if current weapon's magazine is out of round (WIP)
  • Command System for Friendly AI

How to play


  • W/A/S/D: moving around
  • Q/E: Leaning left/Right
  • Hold Shift + W: Run
  • Left Ctrl: Toggle Crouching
  • Hold Shift while crouching: temporary standing


  • LMB: Fire weapon
  • RMB: Aim down sight, aim through scope
  • V: Cycle weapon's fire mode
  • G: Drop current weapon
  • MMB: Inspect weapon
  • V/X: Toggle Flashlight/Laser
  • 😄 Toggle safety switch
  • F: Fist Strike (Hand Combat)
  • How to reload:
    • Press R to open inventory
    • Q/E to select magazine which will be used to replace current one of weapon
    • Hold Spacebar until reloading complete
    • MMB: Drop selected magazine

Command Mode

  • Tilde (~): Toggle Command Mode
  • F: "Follow me" command
  • T: "Move to" command
  • G: "Covering fire" command
  • V: "Observe area" command
  • In command mode:
    • 1/2/3/4: Issue command to corresponding member
    • Tilde (~): Issue command to whole team


  • Run CSCDVMPUpdater.exe to check and update game

Feedback and Bug report

There are many more features in the future :D please give me your ideas and comments. Thank you !



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9 hours ago, Josh said:

This is great! Why not upload it here?:

It will get more views and you can use our cheap storage space to host your game forever.

I willllll !!

8 hours ago, Berken said:

Controls are great! I like it.

Edit: I was already following your devlogs on Youtube. You are really professional developer :)

Thank you <3

1 hour ago, jen said:

Very cool!

My game needs multiplayer too, hehe, and I dont know how to start, love your game Border Recon

33 minutes ago, Thirsty Panther said:

Great work. 

I too am a follower of your Youtube channel. 

I thought you had left us as you had posted nothing for over a year.

Welcome back.

Yes, that was a hard year for my job, but I will never give up on Leadwerks, thank you :)

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2 minutes ago, AggrorJorn said:

The weapon shooting feels really nice. 

1 tiny feedback point: the options menu shows the 'on' color as red and the 'off' color as green. Personally I would swap the colors.

:D Thanks for your feedback! I want to warn player that all red options can affect game performance. It is kind of confused

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