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Doors, doors... doors!

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I really think Leadwerks doors hate me. During the past couple of years I've been on and off learning Leadwerks, but nothing has caused more furstration than doors! Feels like every time I try to add a simple door to test map, it means trouble.

It all began with my very first steps in Leadwerks, for some reason I was not able to create working door even with prefab. I asked my first questions here back then. Well, I moved to other stuff and learned a lot, then second time came back to doors, still no luck! So I went to look for some other door script other than the stock one, found working one and took that as a base for my doors and it worked perfectly. Moved to other stuff, learned more.

Now I needed to test some stuff with doors, and it's been a while... and AGAIN, they refuse to work, they stutter and shake. So I reverted back to stock script, merged my own additions to doors to that script and it works, AGAIN... for how long, we don't know...

Ps. This was just a rant, doors work now for me, but I can't believe I'm the only one with this much door problems! I've learned so much, done much more complex things by now, but still... doors. DOORS!

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