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I'm planning to use LOT'S of decals in my project. I will use them to for signs, labels, dirt etc. My question is, before I go ahead, do they eat lot of processing power? What if I have a prefab with ten decals and then I have that prefab used in 20 different places? Even hundreds? Well, yes best way is to test it :) But wanted to ask if it is just plain stupid thing to do one should not even try.

Another question, can we have emissive decals? I created "Emissive decal" by applying it over emissive surface (needed to reverse the decal though), but although it works, It is not usable in many scenarios.

And yet another question, how would you create a piece of paper with text on it? I planned to use decal for that, but it obviously looks like painted to the surface, not separate piece of paper.

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As my opinion, I will use decals for something which has non flat surfaces. Example, blood on a piles of stones, mud on curved edges of a car, something like that, and 2D model with transparent textures for walls, ground.

When I used my old computer, decal ate alot of FPS.

For your paper, I suggest you to use a plane with text texture.

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Ok, thanks for your answer. That gives me something to think about. I'm going to "stresstest" decals, but what ever happens, I will use them at key points at least, I like how they blend to the material :)

And thanks for paper suggestion, I thought about that too, I'm just worried it will look like it is flowing above the floor/table or when set properly to the right level, is glitching with the underlying texture. But, will test.

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