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C++ wrong path causing error to load file

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Hello everyone,  I just playing around leadwerks c++ to learn engine. I've created a simple map with editor and save it under Maps folder.

Once I try to load that map through cpp code and give path parameter as "Maps/sm.map", leadwerks can not find the map. Because engine is trying to load file at "../LeadwerksEngine/Projects/Maps/sm.map"

It get fixed by adding project name to path as follows (Cube is project name) ../LeadwerksEngine/Projects/Cube/Maps/sm.map

However even so engine loads the map, engine can not load textures and etc within the map. Engine gives errors to read files with path on ../LeadwerksEngine/Projects/Textures/sometexture.tex"


What did i make wrong? Could Anybody faced this problem help me?

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Is this when you run the program straight from Visual Studio?  If so, you may need to alter your Working Directory in the Project Property under Debugging.

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1 hour ago, cassius said:

Has not worked for me up to now.

I will keep trying.

Its your problem the same one or something else ?


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Then there is something wrong with you VS installation or your paths. Check your Include Directories


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