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Beam Class

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It's nice, but couldn't you just as easily use one function that positions a sprite between two end points and aligns it to a vector?

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I guess an additional function of the sprite class would be better. The goal is to not have the user manually do the math to make a beam or cable. You're suggestion is much better than mine, but I can't easily add functions to existing classes so I was stuck making a new class. :)

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Agree, this can make Leadwerks better for beginners who want to create a beam from their start

I think, even beginners dont have any gamedev experience but when finding their first game engine, they will look for what that engine can offer, the easiest ways to solve their needs

"I want to build a gun with laser beam" / "I want to make a starwar game with a jedi running around swinging his light-beam saber"

..googling.. 5 minutes later

"Wow Leadwerks can solve this in 1 line of code, amazing, lets buy it!"


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Your cutoff for features seems somewhat arbitrary.

  • Why not have the beam project until it hits a surface, and use that to define the length?
  • Why not add a particle emitter onto the end of it?
  • Why not add a collision shape that is automatically created?

The list could go on and on, which is why I feel this is best done with a script.

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