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Earth From Space


Leadwerks crew, 

    Please let me know what you think. Working on a space based "game" and have a little point floating out in space in Low-Earth Orbit around the earth. The model of the earth is set 3200 ft, and the point in space is about a 14 foot object. When i back away from the earth, the viewport clips the Earth out of the view. Is there a way to set the Viewport camera view so that it runs out further? 

Also, I need to find a way to create a shader that will switch between a texture, depending on whether direct light is hitting it or no light other than ambient is hitting it. 

Essentially, I need a blend shader that can detect direct or ambient light. 

The last thing I wanted to know about is, the atmospheric glow around the earth. I can imagine a post effect being created, but i need a way to calculate the 90-degree angle. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Summary : 

           - Viewport clips large models, how can I circumvent this? 
           - Light Dark Shader

           - Fresnel Shader to simulate the earth shine. 

Any ideas? Anyone? 

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Click the Learn header at the top of page and it will take you to the Leadwerks documentation. If you look at the Entity>Camera documentation, you will see camera class functions. One of these functions, SetRange(), will perform what you are wanting.


There are a lot of good examples and information in the documentation. It will benefit you to become familiar with it.

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I can control camera clipping in the Simulation, I am referring to being able to see objects in the Leadwerks Editor. Also, i have gone through the API's, some of us are not programmers, we are trying but we are artists by profession. I have tried to go into the API's over the course of a year with Leadwerks, but I am not able to figure out exactly how to script things properly, especially when you get into post processing, mesh tessellation, creating advanced shaders, etc. 

Also, some of the API's are a bit vague and, I think, may need some more descriptive details added. I know a lot of people will say "NO" but, its not just programmers coming to this site. 

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