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Alpha mask texture


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  • 3 weeks later...

this could easily be achieved by adding 3 lines of code to any diffuse shader you can find in LE.
for shadows you add the same lines of code in any shadow shader.

//In the Fragment stage of the shader add to //Uniforms
//You can use any texture slot you like
//I used 4 since 1 till 3 are diffuse,normal,specular
uniform sampler2D texture4;//Black and White map

//In the void main(void) method add somewhere at the top
vec4 alphamask = texture(texture4,ex_texcoords0);
//Check for pure black color and discard
if (alphamask.r == 0.0 && alphamask.g == 0.0 && alphamask.b == 0.0) discard;

NOTE: make sure the Vertex stage of the shader passes ex_texcoords0 to the Fragment stage but any diffuse+alphamask shader does this.

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