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Dwarf Beard

Developed By  BCS for the "Cirque des Jeux" Game Tournament 2018



Crack some Goblin skull and loot hidden treasure as you journey deep into the lairs of fowel creatures In the Realm of Enlil.


  • Demo Only. You can only complete the first level and you are returned to the map.



  • LMB Attack
  • Hover + LMB + Item/Prop  Use/Pickup


  • WASD  movement
  • Shift (Hold)  sprint
  • 1  Debug Collision On/Off
  • 2  Debug Navmesh On/Off
  • 3  Debug Output On/Off

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Thanks for playing carlb, Ha yeah there is no logic associated with ai and doors. I'm going to have to put a raycast on the AI, to get them to stop on an obstacle might do that next.

10 minutes ago, Rick said:

Nice job Tim! I love that we essentially made the same game. Always were on the same wave length :)

So true, we pretty much did hay! That's why we worked together so well.

Thanks guys.

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