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Adding material and shader stops animations

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when i import a new weapon and add a diffuse.shader and textures in the material editor and save this all the animations stop playing of the weapon or they play stupid in the model editor and ingame

when i remove the material in model editor of my weapon and add a fake empty material the animation are playing again in the model editor and ingame

and when i change rotation to of the weapon 90 degrees is ok but when i use -9.0 on the y axis the weapon  disappeare but when its -8.0 first the weapon is not there ingame but when i use left mouse to fire, the weapon appeare on screen ingame, this is both on steam leadwerks 4.5 and 4.6beta standard edition 


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Animation requires an animation shader since the vertices are transformed on the GPU, so that is probably the problem.

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do you mean in the shadow slot shadow+animation.shader that i allready have there but then animation stops playing

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Can you upload the material file you are adding or just post the contents of the file here?

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