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Which is better to learn and faster for scripting

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  Hello, i'm 19 years old and i want to start scripting for MTA:SA (a multiplayer modification for GTA San Andreas), and i came into a doubt, (also, it's a part of an justification for choosing MTA over SAMP).  Which programming language is better, for someone that never had any experience with it before, to learn, C++ or LUA  ? and please explain why. My father was a programmer, he worked at several banks and for IBM. He told me that there's no PC programming language that's better, indeed he told me that it depends on what you're trying to do with them/working with.


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AggrorJorn, Thank you, now i know which is the best to start scripting. I think that's the best answer i have to them who wants to script servers for one of these GTA:SA MP mods.  



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Looking at this video thumbnail reminds me about the day I found it 2 years ago, thank you Jorn. This helped me alot, all of your tutorial videos are Leadwerks golden learning source :)

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