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Intergrated NoesisGUI into LE(Partly Works)!

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Hey, guys i am looking for a third-party GUI system for Leadwerks Engine, and i find this project https://github.com/FourthQuarter/NoesisLeadwerksWrapper which is a NoesisGUI intergration for Leadwerks. But it is too old to run with the current version of LE and Noesis. So i modify the source code and finally make it run with LE again, however there still are some problems, such as the wheel event does not work, i think i can repair it if someone told me how to capture the mouse wheel event in LE.

Anyway, the result looks good so far. More test to run.

Some pics to show.







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Very cool! Is this ready for production?

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4 hours ago, AggrorJorn said:

Use GetMousePosition() and then the Z axis for the mouse wheel. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Window_GetMousePosition

Very nice btw, I never could get NoesisUI to work properly.

Thank you for you help!I will take a look at the api document.

2 hours ago, Josh said:

Looks cool. We also have a built-in GUI system that can be customized:

Yes, the built-in GUI is also very cool and convenient, but there is a problem that the Leadwerk4.x itself does not support UTF text. So i have to find someting else for substitution until the release of LE5. And NoesisGUI works well with UTF text as i see.


2 hours ago, jen said:

Very cool! Is this ready for production?

Nope.There remains some issues to solve and more tests are needed. When i think it is rubost enough i will release it as an open-source project to the community.

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