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Elements / Sreenshots from our past RPG works

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Been working on a couple projects lately, 

This is from one of our older RPG's.  Credits to Rick on coaching us for inventory (over a year ago), and Jorn for always answering our questions as well and his tutorials, especially on youtube, and Josh as well, and many others around the forums and private chat.

-- Inventory System, 90% functioning.  Diablo2-style (items can be moved, created--pickedup--, released--dropped--) - just need to work on stacking, and overlap issues.


-- Fully Functioning HUD including working scripts for, just took off some image overlay temporary for redesign:
Health Bars
Mana Bars
Thirst, Hunger, Sleep, Temperature, and even Mood/Karma system
EXP Bars, level display


-- Fully Functioning Level System, including stats, primary/secondary skills, that control everything from skills for items, stats, and every value possible.  All stat allocations for leveling up works perfectly, just need to duplicate the text and button scripts for overlay.  (codes all finished finally, but many weeks of work left for graphics and proper text - overlay work - ), but it fully works.


Also about 20% done the character tab, one of the next things we'll be working on is putting this together along side the inventory system.


We're also dabbing into scripted quests with NPC's, so far so good, had to abandon the Flowgraph editor after it couldn't hold more than 1/10th of a quest. 

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