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Everytime I load a project Leadwerks cant load materials of existing models


Everytime I create any project there are many errors saying that the engine couldnt load any materials.

Possible reasons:

1.I think it happened since I uninstalled vcredist and reinstalled it with the official installer.

2. Beta 4.6

3. Installation of python, c++ etc. features for Visual Studio. 

The error occurs on projects I allready worked on and on completely new started templates like the fpsshooter.

My idea to solve it:

I tried reinstalling the software but reinstalling in steam is only deleting all Leadwerks files but not the 3d party software. So how can I reinstall everything? (Including 3d party software)

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On 6/17/2018 at 4:16 AM, tipforeveryone said:

I have this problem on 4.6 sometimes, my suggestion is using stable 4.5 instead :)


I switched to the stable version but the error is still there 😕

For example when I try to apply the orange material to the wall.

I don´t understand it be cause I have used Leadwerks already more than 200 hours without any problems

If I create a completely new object it seems working but when I save the map and restart Leadwerks the texture is missing again




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Since no project is uploaded there is no possible way to evaluate this.

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