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Can we add c++ to objects ?


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Hello every one !

Today i wanted to add c++ code to object but looks to accept only lua script 🤷‍♂️

It is possible to add c++ into this box



Or we just use c++ into app.cpp (add class but every thing is connected to the app file) ?



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8 minutes ago, Gonan said:

hi Josh, I can't find any reference to Actor in the API documentation, is this intentional?


Yeah it’s not exactly a regular class because it must have a class of your own derived from it. There is no default functionality.

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3 minutes ago, SpiderPig said:

Is this the correct way to use it?

class CustomActor : public Actor
	virtual void UpdatePhysics();

void CustomActor::UpdatePhysics()
	//Do Stuff



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on the page https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_CPP_Actors we have:

" By default, a new game will include a sample actor class you can modify called "MyActor". The code for this can be found in the "MyActor.h" and MyActor.cpp" files in the "Source" folder in your game directory. "

but i do not have any of those files in that directory, i have only : App.cpp, App.h, main.cpp

so where can i find them?


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