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Full screen no working 4.6 :(

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3 hours ago, carlb said:

i would say what make and model of monitor  you have, as your screen shots dont say much about it, but 1024x768 native seem very low spec 

when you monitor is 1080p spec and that not 4k 


Aoc F22


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I got a problem with all of this today too, trying to run a published stand alone LE game:

I'm using windows 8.1 - standard 1920*1080 screen option. NO BETA VERSION !


This is what happened:

When I execute the .exe, it forced the screen resolution to to highest option: 2715*1527

Then it executes the game in 1920*1080 at the top left of the screen.

Going through alt+TAB in the option and set the resolution bachk to 1920*1080 solves the problem but it can't be a good solution.


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I think this is fixed on the beta branch.

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Bad calculation of Windows scaling factor. I was comparing the current virtual screen res to the max supported real resolution, and I should have been comparing it to the current screen resolution. Or something like that, it is complicated.

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