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After calling some of the LeadWerks functions in Lua it dawned upon me that I have no idea how they have been implemented (not that it makes any difference to use them), I would just like to understand how they have been implemented. 

I thought the classes would just be Lua tables and then methods are elements within the table but the length of any class is zero. It also appears that the Script class has been implemented differently and doesn't exist as a Lua object. 

I have seen function calls like this:



Wouldn't self be redundant if Lua represented all classes such as entity as tables.

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Basically, in Lua a table is associated with an entity, and the entity is a member of the table. thus you call self.entity to get the entity.

The entity object in Lua is a "userdata" object. I think they use metatables or something to represent the C++ functions. I use tolua++ for the binding code.

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