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String compare problem


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Hello every one !

So today i am making my third person code.

In my code i need to compare the name of child i want and the name of each children(GetChildren())

but i have got this error. when i try to compare their name.



function Script:GetChildByName(nameRequest)
    for i = 0 , self.entity:CountChildren() -1 do
        local ent = self.entity:GetChild(i)
        local entName = ent:GetKeyValue("name")

        if entName == nameRequest then
            System:Print(nameRequest  + " has been found !")
            return ent
    return nil



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4 minutes ago, macklebee said:

The error tells you exactly the problem. You are trying to mathematically add something to a string in lua. In lua, concatenation is two periods not a plus sign. So your code should look like this:

System:Print(nameRequest.." has been found !")


I was looking for the condition not for the print 🤦‍♂️




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