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Using Leadwerks on Arch

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Leadwerks was super buggy for me on Arch, it kept crashing...

So I did 2 things to get it working properly and flawlessly.

1. Using the beta branch.

Using the beta branch corrected for me the crashes when a file dialog was supposed to pop-up and some others.

To use the beta branch you need to right click on Leadwerks on steam then click on properties, as shown below.


The properties panel will then show, select the betas row and select beta as shown below.



2. Installing libcurl-compat

Installing libcurl-compat from the community repos solved the following error.


There is 2 way to install libcurl-compat properly in order to be able to run and debug your games, the first and recommended one being to copy the libcurl-compat library from /lib to /home/$USER/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/{Your project's name} and to rename it to libcurl.so.4. Once your game is published to a standalone you may also need to drop your new libcurl.so.4 in the root folder of your game as shown below.



The second and least recommended one is to replace /lib/libcurl.so.4 by libcurl-compat, but you may also need to put libcurl-compat into the standalone game's folder.

Feel free to submit your questions or alternative fixes.

I wish I've helped you!



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This would seem identical to an issue I'm having. Does anyone know if there are there any equivalent packages to libcurl-compat for Ubuntu?

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