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Leadwerks support PIE

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It would be helpful if we had a PIE version of leadwerks (DLL or .SO file) so that we can make our own DLL files referencing the Leadwerks.so file.

I am trying to test out SWIG to add python, golang, and Java support. To this, I need to compile my library as a .so file. This can't be done, from my understanding, unless Leadwerks supports Position Independent Execution.

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i have used SWIG with Leadwerks succesfully in the past and also use it currently from time to time.

You can create your own dll by using the Leadwerks.lib under windows or the Leadwerks.a under Linux. Just create a new Leadwerksproject, remove all sources and add the generated header from swig into the project. Then change the project properties to compile to a dll (or the same for linux).

For getting a complete Wrapper you need to fix alot of definitions and make use of a lot of SWIG tricks. I would recommend to start only with the classes and things made public to lua and extend on that.


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I keep getting an error while linking Leadwerks about adding -fPIE to the compiler. Adding this option doesn't fix the issue.

I am using CMake for the project itself.

How well does SWIG work with Leadwerks? Did you compile it off of the Leadwerks.h file, or each individual class such as Window, or Entity?


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