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Halloween Pumpkin Run

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Try to collect all the pumpkins but beware the graveyard residents who don't like trespassers disturbing them. The more pumpkins you take the more dead will awaken!

-- Controls --
WASD, Shift to Run, Space to Jump

-- Tips --
Don't let a zombie catch you. One hit and it's game over.
Run outside the graveyard or hop over the fence to escape pursuing zombies.
Pickup a special pumpkin for a speed boost.

- credits --
Game by Thomas Long

Music - "Classy Ghouls Halloween Gathering" by Eric Matyas

Special thanks to all the steam workshop contributers for the Graveyard props, skyboxes and shaders including ChrisV, Einlander, Shadmar

Made for the Leadwerks Halloween 2015 Game Competition

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