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Leadwerks profile for Substance Painter?

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Happy one, how's everybody doing.

My recent experimentation with substance painter have resulted in some pretty wildly different results in leadwerks then what the model and textures look like in substance painter. Things like specular Maps looking fine in substance but causing over-exposed white dots in leadwerks are an example of what I am seeing. I will post a screenshot later on with the example when I get home.


Now when setting up a substance painter project, you seem to require to set up which engine you are working with. You have some choices among the biggest ones like unreal and unity, among others. This tells me that substance painter has to adjust its shade or behavior according to the engine you are working with, which means that shaders seem to act slightly different from engine to engine depending on how they are programmed.


So my question is, has anybody made a profile for substance painter to texture your model that would closely respond the way leadwerks renders 3D models with it's rendering engine at the moment.


 on the side note, I'm going to have to ask the same exact question just a little under two years from now when the next rendition of leadwerks with a brand new rendering engine comes out. So maybe this is actually something the devs may consider doing up on the release of the engine.

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Well, substance is PBR and current Leadwerks isn't, so yeah, you'd have to adapt the mapping.  For LE's stock shaders, anyhow.  You could implement or find your own shaders though.

Export the diffusals and merge them in your photo editor, then import them and make your own materials and normals in leadwerks?  I know this works in 3dcoat, and the last trial version of SP I used it had an export layers to pshop option as well.

I think the key is going to be which shaders you assign them in Leadwerks, you're probably just going to have use a more manual workflow with the materials.

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Wasn't there something in the workshop with some modified shaders that were aligned (more or less) with substance painter exports?


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