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The usage of the technical forum

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This has been brought up before, but I really think the technical forum doesn't add anything to the community forum. Its answer-based style like how stackoverflow does it, simply wont work here because the rest of the forum is reply/conversation-based. Accepting a post as an answer is nice to have, but right now it is just another confusing category that fills up space.

Just my 2 cents.

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Over a period of time, these forums will collect lots of data. That data may remain relevant and be useful, or irrelevant and obscure relevant data. If nothing is done the irrelevant data will be more prevalent than the relevant. Thus making forums less useful to users. A knowledge management solution can help, but it needs some sort of data maintenance where user feedback keeps useful items, and relegates unhelpful items.

Have you considered a knowledge management solution?

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Nope, don’t know what that is.

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