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How to damage yourself? (using the Player script)

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Hello: need assistance to figure out a small script (to use within the "basic" player script) to give my own player damage when pressing a certain key: 
Just using a keyhit (Key.U) to trigger a respawn (within the "player script) ( to have the player be able to get out of situations they are stuck in or have fallen thru the map)
I thought the below would be enough...but I cant get it to work:
(my Health amount is 100: and I tried using the script.hurt)
if window:KeyHit(Key.U) then
script:hurt (100)
I also tried using
self.health = self.health - self.health 
(in several configs and a bunch of other ways i have forgotten about now after 3 hours of trying to figure this one out.)
As said I want to be able to press a key to lower my health so I can use/trigger the ingame respawn function if the player either gets stuck or falls thru the map (after that)
(and damaging my player health logicly should been the easiest way to do it; as that would trigger the respawn function: but nah, it wasnt that easy at all.)



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5 hours ago, AggrorJorn said:

Without seeing the actual script you have right now, we can only guess as to why it doesn't work. The script:hurt() function looks a little of. I think you want to use:

if window:KeyHit(Key.U) then
   self:hurt (100)

See this tutorial on functions



Yes that is exactly what I thought it would be, but somehow it doesnt work. (head began spinning after hours of it not working althou it looked like it should be working) will go bk and look at it again now after an nights sleep, but yeah it looks like I originally thought... hmm.
and I pretty much used the basic "player" template that leadwerks comes with with no major changes. 

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On 1/11/2019 at 9:36 AM, AggrorJorn said:

Please, for future posts, attach your entire script in the question (and in code format). The community wants to help you and the more information you provide, the faster you are going to get a solution. 

Its the basic "player" script that comes with Leadwerks...so really no need to attach the script...

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