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Steam Achievements

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Ohh yeah I understand the steam stuff and documentation. I want to know if there is a way to trigger it using lua. My game only uses c++ when first launching the game and then swaps to lua

Is there a way I can maybe pass a value from lua to a global in c++. So that when the game first runs it checks the globals and triggers achievements?

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I have the exact same question....and I get the steam partner thingy part... and that I have to use Microsofts; Visual studio but there is an multitude of versions of M: VS.. which one is the correct? (I think I have figured out how the code must look like)
But what program to use is the next step?
and how do I reach the Leadwerks C++ stuff.

Is it just to start M: VS and find your correct script and type in the code?

cant find the preexisting scripts I want (re)written with/in C++.. within M: VS.
(I know this is outside Leadwerks) but does someone know how to find the files?
I suspect im gonna need Code::Blocks and thru that find the files i want... (am I correct?) No I guess thats for...Linux... hmm

Ahh wait there is an open folder in M: VS...is that the way?

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On 1/12/2019 at 4:56 AM, reepblue said:

From my understanding, no. You need to call the use the Steamworks API with C++.

You can always expose these classes yourself if you have the professional version.

Am I correct in assuming one need add //lua to the following C++ "external dependencies"
line 88
class ISteamUserStats

and make it
class ISteamUserStats//lua 
to expose the class

and to line 90
add say
   static void SetAchiv1()//lua 
as activator.

or do one need do that in like the header files section? 
or even the source section?
the code from line 88: isteamuserstats.h

class ISteamUserStats
    // Ask the server to send down this user's data and achievements for this game
    CALL_BACK( UserStatsReceived_t )
    virtual bool RequestCurrentStats() = 0;

    // Data accessors
    virtual bool GetStat( const char *pchName, int32 *pData ) = 0;
    virtual bool GetStat( const char *pchName, float *pData ) = 0;

    // Set / update data
    virtual bool SetStat( const char *pchName, int32 nData ) = 0;
    virtual bool SetStat( const char *pchName, float fData ) = 0;
    virtual bool UpdateAvgRateStat( const char *pchName, float flCountThisSession, double dSessionLength ) = 0;

    // Achievement flag accessors
    virtual bool GetAchievement( const char *pchName, bool *pbAchieved ) = 0;
    virtual bool SetAchievement( const char *pchName ) = 0;
    virtual bool ClearAchievement( const char *pchName ) = 0;

I am just confused after having spent 12 hours trying to figure out how to use the
ToLua++ generator;
virtual bool SetAchievement( const char *pchName ) = 0;   
I strongly suspect I need to use the ToLua++ to generate two files of  some code. to be able to use the commands from inside a lua script.
and with that (luascript) using an


that the C++ scripts (running in the background (behind the "game window")) can interpret:
and then run a bit of code;

class XxxXxxxxx//lua
   static void :ZzzZzzz() 

That then in its turn uses the preset "external dependencies .h scripts (in this case ISteamUserStats.h that has its ISteamUserStats//lua (exposed))

allowing the
SetAchievement("A_TEST_ACHIV") code to be sent to steam...

and thru that activating the steam achiv
However I am still missing something...

(I suspect it has to to with I havent gotten an grasp of what the ToLua++  generatoris supposed to do and work/how to be used)

Need an pointer on where to look next as my head is spinning hard (again) as I cant see what I am missing atm.
I even have an suspicion there is an built in steamworks lua to c++ (due to the steam interface reacting to shift + tab from with in the game) that is already working and that I only need to understand how to use the 



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ok so to my understanding. There is a folder called projects with a folder inside that for windows or linux. Open the windows folder and you will find a file with the title of your project with the .sln extension. You want to open this in visual studio. This file uses an interpreter to call your main.lua script to run. And if you want to make a c++ project. Just don't use this code and instead launch a main.cpp.

What I am wanting to know is how can I use the interpreter to pass a value from a lua script to a c++ script? This way I can do a check at the start of the game to see if an achievement has been triggered.

Or would it be possible to say write to a file then read from a file? SO for example; if you kill 100 enemies the lua script writes to a file on line one the word "true". Then when first running the game before the lua stuff kicks in. The c++ reads line 1 from file and triggers achievement if true. Then continues through the list to trigger the game.


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