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Crazy Crashes

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I am just wondering if anyone else is all of a sudden experiencing crazy crashes. I haven't changed anything in my game since Friday. It was working fine then. Now all of a sudden I am getting blue screen of death when I try to play it. And I even get this playing the game in the leadwerks editor.

But everything else on my computer runs and plays fine. And its really frustrating me because just a couple of days ago it was fine. And now its not and I haven't changed anything.

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I am having trouble saving "prefabs" as "the "Leadwerks" engine" doesnt make a meta file when I save a prefab: and as such when I open the prefabfolder containing a file that does not have a .meta counterfile "the engine" crashes (and messes big time with my Windows) I even had to reinstall Windows a few times because of some corrupted files: and now i cant save prefabs at all.

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