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Pixelated render at first

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Hello there,

i found a little bug when a run my game, at first it's pixelated but when i press "Escape" to do a pause and then > Options and click on "Apply", the render become ok, and no longer pixelated.

He is two screenshots for comparison:


Before click on "Apply".


After "Apply" is clicked.


Can you explain me why? :)


It's like when the game is started, the options (Antialias etc...) are not enabled until we click on "Apply".


Thank You


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Yeah, it looks like the MSAA mode is not set at start.

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Okay, camera mutlisample mode is a per-camera setting. So this needs to be applied when the camera is created. I inserted this code into the FPSPlayer, VRPlayer, and Spectator scripts:

local aamode = System:GetProperty("antialias")
if aamode ~= nil then


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