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Script to change camera angle


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i am working on a game in the style of Resident Evil with fixed camera angles, i actually have a room with 1 cube as trigger and 2 cameras placed at different points of view,

and actually when i start the game the first camera is active but i want the second camera become active when i hit the trigger, or maybe only one camera that change it's position when i hit the trigger.

I want to learn LUA, the problem is, there is no serious tutorial on Internet or i didn't find one yet.

Thank You

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mabye you could have only one camera in the scene, and make a pivot object with the rotation and position of the second camera. And then move the first camera to the pivot rotation and position when the player hits the trigger. And maybe store a reference to the pivot in each trigger, so that you can choose later when you have alot of camera changes

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17 minutes ago, ToniBartoli said:


Thank you for your reply, indeed this is more neat to have only one camera that change position when i hit the trigger.


Ok now in my scene, i have only one camera, a cube as trigger and a pivot placed as the second camera, what next? How to make them working together?

if you would go to the learn section, soon you would know.

But anyway I will give you a start.

make a script on the trigger and put this at the top:

Script.pivot = nil --entity "Cam Tp Pivot" --pivot the camera teleports to
Script.enabled = true

then in the scene drag the pivot in there

now in the collision function, which is called every time something collides with it, even if its a trigger, put this:

function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed)
	if self.enabled then
		if(entity:GetKeyValue("type") == "player")then
			if(self.pivot) then 

you can read it line by line, it s pretty self explainatory. the entity in the function paramter is everything that collides with the trigger.

This would work if the camera is referenced in the player. But I dont know where your camera is in the scene, youcould use this to find it:

self.camera = world:FindEntity("Camera")


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