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GetMousePosition().z ( Zoom ) Move Camera.

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I have a problem, I wish that when moving the wheel of the mouse the camera gets closer or further away from the character.ย 

This I want to do with the mouse wheel, and is a kind of zoom, but I can not set things to work.ย 

I welcome any possible suggestions, and if possible a simple script code.ย 

	zoomCamara = ventana:GetMousePosition().z /500.0

	--zoomCamara ~= zoomCamara then
	-- Zoom / Se mueve el pivote de la cรกmara.
	if self.pivoteCamara:GetPosition(false).z < -2 then


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This is my RTS project's mouse zoom code. I hope this c++ code can give you idea.

float cameraDistance = 15.0f;
float smoothness = 15.0f;
float zoomRangeMin = 8.0f;
float zoomRangeMax = 20.0f;;
Vec3 playerCameraPos;
Vec3 playerCameraNewPos;
float scrollSpeedFPS;
float mouseWheel;

int getMouseWheelDirection() {
	int wheelReturn = 0;
	float mouseWheelPos = Window::GetCurrent()->GetMousePosition().z;

	if (mouseWheel != mouseWheelPos) {
		if (mouseWheelPos < mouseWheel) {
			wheelReturn = 2; //Wheel Down
		else if (mouseWheelPos > mouseWheel) {
			wheelReturn = 1; //Wheel Up
		mouseWheel = mouseWheelPos;
	return wheelReturn;

void mouseMovement()
    playerCameraPos = playerCamera->GetPosition();
    playerCameraNewPos = playerCameraPos;
    scrollSpeedFPS = scrollSpeed * Time::GetSpeed();
    if (playerCameraNewPos.y != cameraDistance) {
		playerCameraNewPos.y = Math::Curve(cameraDistance, playerCameraNewPos.y, smoothness / Time::GetSpeed());

	int mouseWheelDirection = getMouseWheelDirection();
	if (mouseWheelDirection) {
		if (mouseWheelDirection == 1) {
			if (cameraDistance < zoomRangeMax) {
				cameraDistance = cameraDistance + 2;
		else if(mouseWheelDirection == 2){
			if (cameraDistance > zoomRangeMin) {
				cameraDistance = cameraDistance - 2;		



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	if ventana:KeyHit(Key.F1) then
		zoom = 4
	elseif ventana:KeyHit(Key.F2) then
		zoom = 2 
	elseif ventana:KeyHit(Key.F3) then
		zoom = 0



It's the easiest thing I can do. I guess it's not that bad.

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I haveย more simple one, only for detecting mouse scroll up/down, not for calculating HOW much scroll

in Main.lua, add this at the bottom of main while loop (right above "end")


lastMouseZ = window:GetMousePosition().z

and add this as a Global function

MouseScrollDirection = function()
  if window:GetMousePosition().z < lastMouseZ then return 1 --scolled up
  elseif window:GetMousePosition().z > lastMouseZ then return 2 --scrolled down
  elseif window:GetMousePosition().z == lastMouseZ then return 0 end --no scroll

Use this function in any Script:UpdateWorld() function to detect mouse scroll

function Script:UpdateWorld()
  if MouseScrollDirection == 1 then
    --do something with scroll up
    --example: camera:Move(0,0,1)
  if MouseScrollDirection == 2 then
    --do something with scroll down
    --example: camera:Move(0,0,-1)


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