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Odd or Even

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I don't know if Lua does integer math but you can divide the number by 2 then multiply it back by 2 and see if it becomes the same number.  In C it looks like this:

if ((n/2)*2 == n)

For example, 7 divided by 2 would become 3 (because 3.5 becomes 3 when it's an integer) and would then double to 6.  Since 7 doesn't equal 6, you know it was an odd number.

(Credit: https://www.programmingsimplified.com/c/source-code/c-program-check-odd-even)


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Thanks Catch and GC for the help.

Turns out that Leadwerks does recognize the % as  modulo.

So if  X%2  equals 0 then its an even number and

if X%2 does not equal 0 its an odd number. 

Changing the 2 to other numbers will be true if the x is a multiple of that number.

Now back to making a hex map.


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