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Anyone give me example of using Actor in CPP


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The BaseActor class i use to derive actors from.
Use it just like you would use a entity script.

Attach actor to a entity.

baseActor = new BaseActor();


#include "Leadwerks.h"

using namespace Leadwerks;

const enum class ActorType : char { Base, Player, NPC};

class BaseActor : public Actor
	//Built-in extendable functions
	//virtual void EndAnimation(const int sequence);
	virtual void Sleep();
	//virtual void Wake();
	virtual void Attach();
	//virtual void Detach();
	//virtual void Collision(Entity* entity, const Vec3& position, const Vec3& normal, float speed);
	virtual void UpdateWorld();
	virtual void UpdatePhysics();
	//virtual void UpdateMatrix();
	virtual void PostRender(Context* context);
	//virtual void Draw();
	//virtual void DrawEach(Camera* camera);
	//virtual void ReceiveSignal(const std::string& inputname, Entity* sender);
	ActorType actorType = ActorType::Base;

	virtual ~BaseActor();



#include "BaseActor.h"



void BaseActor::Attach()
	//System::Print("BaseActor Attached.");

void BaseActor::Sleep()
	//System::Print("BaseActor Sleep.");

void BaseActor::UpdateWorld()
	//System::Print("BaseActor UpdateWorld.");

void BaseActor::UpdatePhysics()
	//System::Print("BaseActor UpdatePhysics.");

void BaseActor::PostRender(Context* context)


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1 hour ago, reepblue said:

I can give you one when I get home. What's the issue you are having?

I return to leadwerks cpp learning process and I did not find any example file like in tutorial, so that I can't learn from it


This should be fixed. or the example code should be put into this tutorial page, maybe Josh is too busy to fix this


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