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How can I delete a vector of Pointer ?

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I have this code

std::vector<Texture*> spriteSequences;
for (int i = 1; i <= 20; i++)
	Texture* texture = nullptr;
	texture = Texture::Load(folderPath + "/" + String(i) + ".tex");

in Destructor of my class

  delete[] spriteSequences; //this is not working

How can I delete a vector of Pointer ?

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3 hours ago, tipforeveryone said:

Thanks !!

additional question,

with vector.clear(), will the vector be wiped out from memory ?

clear() will not objects that have pointers stored in the vector. Internally, it will also not deallocate the vector memory, which makes this ideal for something you fill and empty over and over again. I believe resize() will actually allocate a new smaller block of memory.

In the new engine, using shared pointers, clearing the vector would cause the contained objects to be deleted if they are not being used anywhere else.

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