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Copied and pasted from discord and reworked a bit so it is in both places. Had to type this quick so may not make the most sense but can perhaps respond to any comments here and refine where we are.


Currently I am trying to rework the ship interior and also exterior as well.  I might be have something to show to help illustrate where I'm up to soon.
I'm also still working on integrating switching  between the cryo and vr level so we can finish this off.
I'd never really been that happy with the hangar area or parts of the cryo room so I'm working towards reworking this (the rooms rather than the pros) to be more like separate areas probably with some small corridors between it.
To do this to is quite a big step, essentially scrapping the current level but I'd never got round the errors I'm getting trying to save the current cryo level so don't really have much choice.
Something else for Slas to do COULD be a cave level of sorts.  Personally I'd prefer if this was done in a modular fashion.  So, a few wall /roof meshes, floor meshes, elements to hide mesh joins etc.  so these elements can be used flexibly, especially if there is only limited time to get something done.
The cave would be an alternate route from the outside the ship to outside the front of the temple as was mentioned on the forum that I was holding off from doing.





It could be made that this bridge  above the lava which was going to be from the hangar exit from the ship is not extended or something and they are forced to locate the other exit through the caves which would be in the area above showing the ship exterior (and lava column) ....the lava hexagons might make way to a more traditional cave  or whatever.   Not sure what might be there.  Originally I had been thinking there would be some natural hazards such as a poisonous fungi releasing spores or spider, I mention a few creatures in the doc.   The temple bit (other screen) was going to be lead of to more of a factory area of a corridor of the main temple entrance which could be caved in or inaccessible.  I'll post an image below.   Neither the specifics of the cave or temple/factory are specced out much so there is scope for things to be picked up there.  I've avoided speccing out in favour of working towards a conclusion on what we have so far.   In the factory part of the temple I had imagined there might be a droids assembly line (unmanned but probably manned in the past). The droids would not be enemy droids but just droids - the invading virus subverting ship and droids to 'enemy. After exiting the ship I am imagining subverted droids from ship might give chase and emerge from ship and then emerge from other points withing the temple (but as if they subverted droids from ship not some existing enemy force in the temple).
Temple to Factory Area then on to possible cave then surface of temple.



The corridor of in the middle right above was to lead to factory area then possible cave then to surface, near where ramp on left would otherwise lead to if not blocked.

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The sections above are clearly a work in progress so if anyone were to integrate with the map above they would probably need to work on a separate map, which it could remain, but would probably be best if it was brought back in to this one so may be best if elements of that map are prefabs sections which can be brought in more easily than having to reassemble in this map.


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Sounds good plan, looking forward to see what you come up with.

But let's consider not scrapping cryo room for good, it's nice work there and looking good.

I vollunteer to bring back later, with some changes, as another room.

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I hope to be able to build off the basic design of what is there but split the areas up a bit more with possibly 1 or more doors or short corridors or maybe just a few wall supports to split things up a bit.  The basic idea of all the things in the cryo room will remain and will probably keep most aspects of the current room just chop bits into chunks. 

Something like this (remember they may just be sections of the same room rather than long corridors between separated rooms):-

  • cryo pod room
  • locker area (near but possibly separated by short corridor or just bulkhead)
  • crew relaxation/communications area (table, chairs, monitors). 
  • a hangar/robot storage 
  • ai room
  • observation/loading crane - currently would be where sphere would enter through external crane delivery tube claw thing(!). Small area with control desk, monitor, chair and viewing window so you can see attack happening outside (I think).

All these rooms are pretty much what is there now but re-organised a bit.


Some other thoughts for possible other rooms 

  • science analysis room - rather than sphere going to large hangar like room could go to smaller science analysis room which is more like how I envisioned it.
  • hydroponics/energy storage - simple room a bit like AI room where you may need to get battery from or other task.
  • kitchen/mess area - probably near relaxation/communications area
  • sleeping bunks/bathroom - awake crew would need somewhere to sleep. possible small/ting bathroom section in this room.
  • airlock corridor - short corridor section from hangar to outside
  • storage area - could just be dealt with in the hangar but could be another area
  • office area - small area (possibly off-shoot of other area with formal desk and monitor for admin tasks).


I am concious that we do not necessarily want to keep stretching things out so I will probably hold off on developing any of these other areas and just try to getting working again the stuff that is in cryo room but in smaller maps that I will probably first work on in isolation then bring together.  I tend to follow what currently takes my attention so it's possbible things might change a bit but I will keep updating forum and trello and pop on discord every now and then.














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