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Asset Workflow Test

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Thanks carlb.

We have not fixed the deceleration yet, but we have the grid snap working. Not only working, but working exactly as we wanted.👍

We almost gave up on it yesterday, but once the code "clicked", it was actually quite simple. We tried all kinds of grid systems. We even went as far as placing a thousand pivots in the scene and snapping to those which was all kinds of lunacy. 🤯 In the end it was just like everything else we have learned about coding. We start with three pages of non-sense which finally works once condensed to two lines of proper code.

The best news, (for me), is that we finally know we can do what we want as far as game design. This kind of point/click 3/4 view system cuts my animation workload to almost nil. My crappy hand animations don't look too bad this way. In a 1st/3rd person type game I do not think they would make the cut. On top of that, the sheer number of animations for a game like that is just too much. For my abilities anyway.

I have some GUI artwork to do, but I will post vids of it in action once that is done.

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Here is the grid snap in action...

Grid System Vid

This is a 64cm grid size and proper scale models at the moment. This is the current plan, but that size may change. I am still stopping the character short of the destination as I can not stop the deceleration. Anyone have any ideas here?

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I reduced the number of polygons of the test pistol considerably. I am just under 850 tri's including magazine. It also has the usual hand painted bumps and texture using Photoshop, then baking in GI lighting. This is an odd way to create textures, but it is quick and the results are sufficient for the game style. The screen shot below is a 100% GL Viewport image, not a render. I still need to paint the rotating barrel lock, but other than that it is done.


This is ready for animation, export and in game testing. I hope I can have it in game tomorrow by the end of day.

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I am way behind schedule, but progress is being made...


The gun barrel and hammer need a texture tweak, they are too dark. Although not as dark as they appear in this gif, they still need some light.


Even though you will never see this up close, I wanted to go for realism. I spent a lot of time on the grip.


Again going for realism here, but also want to make it interesting. I took a basic Weaver stance and added a little dynamic flare. Things look better a little exaggerated. Especially at this small scale.

Almost ready for prime time.

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