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PBR in LW4

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Is there any way PBR can be implemented in LW4? I have made a lot of stuff in substance painter 2019, but it looks awful when not using PBR. I've seen some projects implement it I think, but I'm not sure if they were through some established method or through just some one-by-one custom solution.

I am fully aware Turbo will have PBR support built-in. But it isn't out yet as a full release, so...

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There are some difficulties with this. The gbuffer would require an additional value and it might be full right now. All the light shaders would require revision, with one logical branch handling pbr and another for blinn. Only one single brdf could be used. The probe shaders would also require revision. The new renderer is better suited for this. It might be possible, but I would rather spend this time working out transparency and other details in the Vulkan renderer.

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