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I would like to expose the editor's information when loading the different resources of a level. 

This could simulate pretty loading screens, with the option to set custom messages for each item loaded on screen. 

Will it be possible?


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Don't know for sure but if create your own loading mechanism (a function which loads all your items using normall API loading calls)  and load all the items via code then when you later load the map I think it will use the items already in memory......maybe? If you then don't release the objects then I think any map loaded will load faster as it's just loading its own map data and not loading all the assets it encounters as it realises it already has them.  I could be completely wrong but I think this is how it would work.



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It looks like map files store MDL folders and names as text (including normal models and vegetation) so you could theoretically scan the file for those and preload them.

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