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No Partial Fade

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It's a bit weird to stand in front of trees that are permanently partially dithered in, until you move again.  It would be nice if Leadwerks (or, likely, Turbo) could take this one step further and fade vegetation in or out completely, even if you're standing still, depending on the distance.  In other words, if you walk up to a tree and stop, and it would have been half dithered with the current method, it would finish fading in completely.



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counter example would be if you have a foggy horror game, you would want them to fade in. Or have them render "behind" the smoke already if your method was applied (but have worse performance). Would be cool to have a small setting for that then.

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22 hours ago, Josh said:

Okay, I have no idea how I missed this in the documentation previously but I've just tried it and it's amazing! Should really get this added into the FPS script so people know it's there and can take advantage of it.

Will definitely be using this in my game(s)!!

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