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Polearm Games lookin for anyone wanting to work on a game.

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Ok along with the Omega Platform I am working on my first game Pale Sky. Pale Sky is an rpg using The Leadwerks Engine and i deally the concept includes updating the game rather than making a sequel. As an online game with hat i am able to do now to lighten it up you will be able to secure your castle from monsters and as an MMO you will run almost all of you kingdom by the UI unlocking facets of your castle the more you delve into its depths beginning by starting your anerobic digester to allow underground settlement. A focus on tactics and a robust stat mechanism will lead the way for the future of Pale Skies developement into a living world where the US dollar reigns supreme from the get go and your patrols and outposts will stave off the invading parties as much as they can untill you are left only with your fortress and only a pale sky to warm your heart as you take your arms. If you are interested in participating in this project I am a former US marine infantry man and got a little bit of knowledge of vast amounts of tactics to begin with its just your time that can be put into this from your own kindness as the project grows you could actually get paid. The entity immiedietly running the project is Polearm Games which is a division of my S-Corporation an actual corporation Visions Corp EIN 82-3671987. You are more than welcome to join and ill figure out what hiring entails and what you are entitled to as well and if you are interested you can email me, I am the CEO (shane Ferkovich) at sf3.16790349206360775@yahoo.com, have a good one and look forward to hearin from ya. oh one last thing the number for PI given by me is strongly supported by Visions Corp while it may not be the exzact number for PI but it actually might be it is in its complete view more desireable to use than the currently accepted number for PI and fully puts its reputation forth in representation of this number. If you are interested, Visions Corp can provide what it believes is A method like an actual one to square the circle yeah retarded right, until your me and is stating as of now it can square the circle, thanks again and have the kind of day you want to have. and if you wanna take a look at the omega Platform just let me know, the Omega Platform is a tore up math program that uses consecutive decimal placements in subtraction or addition as opposed to just dropping a static number in division, giving you a very deliberate answer that alleviates the offset of natural division and ultiplication using decimals. Ok we`ll see ya.

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