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Hello, I would like to know how to put a timer at the top of the screen, when we start our game.
Otherwise thank you very much for the previous answers, it helped me a lot !

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Script.font = "" -- path "Font" -- use TrueType font file
Script.pos = Vec2(0,30) -- Vec2 "Position"
Script.size = 15 -- float "Size"
Script.color = Vec4(1,1,0,1) -- color "Color"
Script.offset = 20 -- int "Offset" -- make larger if numbers get cut off

function Script:Start()
    self.font = Font:Load(self.font,self.size)
    if self.font == nil then
        Debug:Error("Select a font")

function Script:PostRender(context)

    defaultFont = context:GetFont()

    r = self.size + self.offset
    w = self.pos.x + window:GetWidth()/2 - self.offset
    h = self.pos.y

    --time factor
    time = Time:GetCurrent()/1000

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Yeah put a pivot in the scene and attach the script to the pivot. The pivot can be anywhere on the map. It doesn't matter because the PostRender() stuff will show up in the same place on screen regardless.




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Yeah, man. That's a little quirk in the system that I guess Josh never got around to straightening out.

Go to Scripts folder, and find "Main.lua". Open that and look for this:

    if gamemenu:Hidden() then
        --Update the app timing

        --Update the world

    --Render the world

...then right before "world:Render()" add this line:




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